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Near Westport, Ireland,  2017, Nikon Fm2

Portraits of an Island : Space


Traces of Life and Dissapearance are two series which come together to speak of the spaces we inhabit and those we have left behind. I want to speak of migration and movement, of what is abandonned and consumed by wind and time. 

Traces of life

It is perhaps the wildness which brings us here

and the wildness which wards us out

Untouched and touched, the mountains, the coasts, the lakes and the rocks

they run wild, for no one



A Crocodile wading across the water stained ceiling

They waited patiently in a row, but he never came back. 

Their tears were orange on the back of his sofa. 

Inherent loneliness of things. 

These are places left empty by those who dissapeared once too fast. 

another example of hurried human movement 

with no return. 

Near Westport, Ireland,  2017, Nikon Fm2

Shadowing the city

It starts very early with a non-sunrise

With those relics of the night before


On the roof. 

I look down into the gardens, the blue bin. 

A blue umberella floating behind them, alone. 

More forgotten things. 

The cats are watching though. Waiting. 

Here, no more ceilings. 

A little boy turns his back. 

Someone else asked me for a picture. 

I sent it to him in an email. 

Another smile, on a memorial plate.

Writing on the walls, leads me into a courtyard. 

The inhabitants at balconies, nod. 

I leave, to get back to the roof. 

Still cold. I retreat. 


 Dublin, Ireland,  2017, Nikon Fm2


 Ireland,  2017, Nikon Fm2

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