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Having completed an Undergraduate program in film, at La Sorbonne Panthéon in Paris Hannah Papacek Harper finalized her degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University Of Lima, Peru. She has explored the world of cinema and theatre in different ways. From assistant directing to set photography, passing by costume design and creation, she has progressively turned herself toward a more specific interest in camera work and then direction. Specialising in Steadicam operating in 2020 she has been directing commercials, music videos and documentaries in parallel. She is currently developing two feature documentaries : Chainon Manquant (Normandy) and Lost for Words (UK). She is accompanied by Rétroviseur productions who is also developing her feature : The Silence of Fire, along side Lillith Films. Film photography follows through the last ten years as an artistic practice accompanying the moving image.


Her projects have long focused on questions linked to community and migration. This is paired with her interest in interpretation and misunderstanding. As we move through borders, we are continually challenged with the need for translation. She intends to shape of a series of images which can cross frontiers and translate a gesture, a word, the threads that constitute the fabric of a place. From those locations where you belong to those that elude you.

Her intention is to create a bigger and more complete language through the juxtaposition of images. This brings out another aspect of her work, which is the textual accompaniment to her photos and videos. Mainly poetic, it helps build a stronger link between fiction, documentary, memorabilia and expression. 


2021 - New York Flash Film Festival  –  Winner of Best Micro Short Documentary with ‘Vegetative’

2021 - AltFF Alternative Film Festival  –  Winner of Best Ultra short experimental film with ‘Vegetative’ 


2020  - Les Muséales de Tourouvre, Solo Exhibition of Photographic work and Videos created in collaboration with Dance Company Association Mouvement Artrope and Jean-François Cavro, Sound creator, Tourouvre, France 


2019  -  'Y'a Plus de Saisons' Festival, Collective exhibit and cultural manifestation, Ségrie, France 


2017  -  Grahame Galleries for ABBE (Artists Books Brisbane Event), Brisbane, Australia

2017  -  La Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Collective Exhibit of Photographic Artist Books, Paris, France

2015  -  La Sorbonne, Paris 4, Collective Exhibit of Photographic Artist Books, Paris, France


2017 - Artist book Elles Respirent Toujours Purchased by Queensland State Library for permanent exhibit.


2017 - Artist book competition to exhibit in the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson


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