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if there is anything like crossing the line, it would be when they said
'if we had room, we would have told you'. 

Empty spaces post financial crisis, so close to the large ones filled with small boxes.
If a long boat ride were taking you there, or you were landing in a plane, to see, what? 
what is it you would like to see?

Greece, 2018 and 2019 Nikon Fm2

maybe something like this. 

And this is also what you can see.
Off the boat and on the sea. 

Greece, 2019, Nikon Fm2

Caught escaping into the night

Greece, 2018, Nikon Fm2

Concret camouflage abandoned to the sea


Greece, 2018, Nikon Fm2

The tree also dressed in frills, all in white. Even the house. 
Coca Cola at the corner of old friends, 
of circomstance. 


Greece, 2018, Nikon Fm2

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