© 2016 Hannah Papacek Harper

Flowers in winter

The light grows from the velvet. 

The cold bound us


So we sat, watching the day move across the walls. 

The fire slowly burning up the prism. 

As the plants search for the light. 

Two painters striped in the palette

Of the living room. 


France, 2017, Nikon Fm2

France, 2017, Nikon Fm2


It was mostly about the hair. 

Burning up silent afternoons in those stone walls.

The images are of shared loneliness

Morning coffee in that cup, the one with the perfect rim

The place you sit, watching the birds you feed

The stacks of things, crackling, balanced. 

The warmth of the dressing gown.

That look when you get lost. In. Thought. 


France, 2017, Nikon Fm2

Lost in the Light

Desperate to feed

following the day

turn around the rooms

tapestry of squares



France, 2017, Nikon F80

Mostly Silence


Write down the kilometres

To the point furthest to reach the waves.

Here our eyes are the colour of the water

And yours, I have always known they were mine.


The Feast 

Knowing the ground like skin. Feeling the cold like blood.

The mist like the ash in our hearth

One feeding the other

but mostly one devouring us

The (home)Land.  

France, 2017, Nikon Fm2