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Implanting roots in adhesive surfaces.

They swallowed mine.

From the sand that poured into the sea, chewed up regularly by the waves, I rolled down the mountain. through the mist of language.

Then sun.

at least I got a taste.

Peru is a small expanse of land for the diversity it offers. Having placed myself on its dust for thirteen months, I could only take parts spasmodically discovered and sometimes understood.

Peru, 2014, Olympus OM 2

Lima, Peru, 2015, Compact

Scratched from the corners

A camera you can pick out of your pocket, and one day abandon on ground, the last roll still in it. a box of concrete memory held in one hand. 

Pick up and collect; the openings you gaze out of, walk through, past, over.

They tell me about this place like a lingering smell. They say something in

words I understand, using so few.

memories scratched from the corners.


Peru, 2015, Canon compact, Digital Photography

Benavides con Panama

Using a simple compact camera to establish a familiarity with 

my crossing. The place I can call momentarily home. 

Her strong hands.

Establishing where a woman can stand here

Peru, 2015, Olympus OM 2

Peru, 2015, Olympus OM 2

Only dogs bite their tails here

There are those you climb to see the sun.

those where it never rises.

not so far apart

they have the same valleys.

Peru, 2014, Olympus OM 2

Peru, 2015, Olympus OM 2

Back to front.

faint impressions of Peru

from marches to standing still, the rumbling can be heard all over

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