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India, 2016, Asahi Pentax k 1000

Traces of alone. Un-alone

Climb. Un-climb

think, un-think

Difficult to unknit the fabric of a place which does not belong to me. 

I shy away from showing the relics, but I cannot help if this is what I saw.

I attempted after years of thought, to narrow it down to an introspection, a feeling, a personal establishing of habit in these places. Something that I could comprehend and share through a sewing together of the senses. 

I have now whittled down to two series. Both about time, about the slowing of it. One about mouvement the other on standing still. Both about wondering what gives us the right to be here. 


India, 2016, Asahi Pentax k 1000

A cow stops with us.

It might have been days that this desert stood still.

Then the wind rattles.

We all wait, unless we are sleeping.

Then one gets up and leaves.

But as his head rolls forward I almost missed it.

As the instant dissipated, the moment stayed.

This collection of images was used as a starting point for my artist book Elles Respirent Toujours

first a tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson's Images à la Sauvette.

It was selected in a competition to be exhibited at the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation. Later a second version was created for the ABBE (Artist Book Brisbane Event). Finally, the book was purchased by the Queensland State Library for permanent exhibit.

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