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Bundaberg, Australia, 2016, Asahi Pentax k 1000

'There' must belong to my tendrils.

Between the branches of this tree

Home was here too.

- This is about generations 

Learning to adopt a place which is part of your DNA. Taking her freckles out into the sun. My skin comes from paler parts, but my blood makes the land run. Never having lived on this turf I decided to find what could link it to me. All I had had as evidence was a passport. 

Murwillumbah, Australia, 2016, Asahi Pentax k 1000

We trailed out on the drool of the ocean

 Mountain sneezing blue over the cane. this is where I make a home with those I call family. The river ran past us everyday. So we watched it.


- First blood link

Bundaberg, Australia, 2016, Asahi Pentax k 1000

Her hands collect us

I take my mother's strong hands to the sea.

She breaks palm leaves into a bag.

My uncle laps the pool.

Keeping busy.

We don't speak the same language. in spite of the impeccable English.

Her wrinkles tell me

I am almost too late.

She has needle work from another mother, from the colder parts.

From my side, from his side, from the other side.

But we are all in the same pool.  

- Second blood link


It was just me, her and the dog.

There was a time when I was there.

I thought of another time.


I sat where you used to sit

I sit where I used to sit.

Another time.

with just her, the dog, and me.

- The last blood link

Bundy, Australia, 2016, Nikon F80

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